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The Programmable USB Joystick Interface for Radio Control Applications

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What is the ForceFly?

The ForceFly used in conjunction with a USB joystick replaces a standard programmable transmitter. This provides a more realistic control interface such as a flight stick or steering wheel. The ForceFly provides all the functionality of advanced programmable radios using a standard PC joystick as the input device. The output signal of the ForceFly can be fed directly into the trainer port of a radio to act as a buddy box or alternatively into a radio module (such as a long range UHF module) to replace your conventional transmitter altogether.

forcefly system configuration

ForceFly Wiki: Programming and using the ForceFly

G940 and ForceFly control of multi-rotor over DragonLink

CH Eclipse flight yoke and ForceFly

ForceFly Wiki: Programming and using the ForceFly