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3D Cam FPV
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3D Cam FPV

The 3D-Cam FPV is a 3D camera designed by EMR Laboratories specifically for FPV flying. The camera generates industry standard field-sequential 3D video which can be viewed using 3D capable glasses supporting field sequential video (like the EVG920). It is designed to work with standard FPV transmitters and receivers to provide life like 3D while flying.

This new camera is capable of both serial 3D (field sequential 3D over a single video transmitter) and parallel 3D (dual channel output) which is designed specifically to support the Transporter3D for users employing two video transmitters. The camera can be used in either 2D or 3D mode and has remotely adjustable exposure and white balance locking. These features are designed specifically to enhance FPV flying by keeping the sky blue (which normally washes out when using auto white balance) and the ground clearly visible (auto exposure usually adjusts to bright skies which makes the ground appear dark obscuring landmarks). These controls are excellent for keeping the ground properly visible and the sky colors true under adverse lighting conditions such as sunrise or sunset conditions.

The new 3D-Cam FPV is designed to mount on a fatshark 3-axis pan/tilt/roll mount (as pictured - gimbal sold seperately). The camera lenses are positioned at the human inter-ocular distance to generate a true to life 3D experience.

The 3D Cam FPV is also available at NG Hobbies and ReadyMadeRC

3D FPV camera board

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