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Man flying while wearing an oculus rift

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This product is truly impressive, congratulations!  YOU are the one who has finally broken through the ceiling and put a real VIEW into the First Person View industry!  The whole reason we're in the air is to SEE the view, and before your product, our ability to do that was severely limited.  You have changed everything for the better.  I can't thank you enough for your vision of what FPV could be, and your having the intelligence and drive to see that vision through to reality.

 - Johnnie R.

The Transporter3D is everything I expected and more, and it performed flawlessly. I flew it all weekend in both field sequential and 2d modes. Overall the performance of the T3D was perfection. No perceptible latency in Field Sequential 3D, and [EMR] told me that FS is the worst case for lag. Flying with the Rift is an experience you have to try to believe. I have flown for a couple of years in 3D which is mind blowing, but then adding the Rift and the experience is upped by tenfold. Most goggles have tiny fov but when using the Rift you get almost your entire normal FOV that a human being experiences walking around day to day. In my opinion the Transporter3D is the biggest thing to happen to FPV in ..... ever. It is a game changer. I am completely stoked by this product. You are going to love it.

- Billy D.

As said before initial impressions are as I expected .. Unreal! Excellent job on a beautiful piece of hardware.

- Kristian H.

It's crazy, with the right lens and the zoom set just right, I can put the Rift up to my face and look at my living room and then take off the Rift and look again. Everything looks just the same! This is not anything like the experience you get with FS goggles. I'm not looking at a screen anymore - I am there! This is what I wanted from FPV from the beginning… to actually fly with this level of immersion.

-Jared O. 

All I want to do is take the day off work today and burn through a couple of batteries!  I had a quick flight last night with my Oculus and Nano setup and OMG i nearly got up and tossed my [other goggles] then and there.

-Mark L.

pronunciation of T3D

  1. : a serious tele-presence device capable of remote locating the consciousness of human users; especially : for use with drones and other remotely piloted vehicles
  2. : a device providing a state far removed in space but not in time (ie. no latency or lag)
  3. : a high speed electronic device providing support for exceptionally wide field-of-view, stereo 3D, first person view; See Oculus Rift
  4. : a device that leverages analog radio transmission to provide an ultra reliable long range video links supporting high definition digital display devices 
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Complete Transporter3D kit
The Transporter3D kit including cables
Transporter3D shown with the Oculus Rift base
The Transporter3D turns the Oculus Rift into a battery powered (3S) telepresence device with analog inputs

Ways to use the Transporter3D in remotely piloted vehicle tele-presence applications
 Single camera FPV transmission supporting Oculus Rift
Single camera setup to support 2D video with 110 degree field-of-view

3D Cam FPV setup for Transporter3D with Oculus Rift
Stereo FPV camera setup to support 3D video with 110 degree field-of-view

Dual camera 3D support for FPV using the Transporter3D and the Oculus Rift
Dual camera setup to support 3D video with 110 degree field-of-view

Download Transporter3D User Manual

The Transporter3D is a real time (no perceptible latency) video processing unit.  It is designed to convert analog video signals (NTSC/PAL) into an HD video stream for display devices such as the Oculus Rift (DK1), Cinemizer and Sony HMZ.  The T3D can reformat the video using custom pipelining hardware to resize and reposition the video as it flows through the unit.  When connected to the Oculus Rift the T3D hosts the Rifts 1000Hz headtracker to provide a zero drift headtracking PPM output for interface with an RC transmitter.

Picture of the Transporter3D

The Transporter3D supports the following displays:

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Transporter3D Promotional Video

Transporter3D video demo for the Oculus Rift

How does Transporter3D work?

Order your T3D here ($699)                        Download Transporter3D User Manual